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Flavorall - Cherry Cherrish

Cherries may be the smallest from the stone fruit family but they are absolutely delicious and everyone’s favorite. Now you can actually taste real cherries in your desserts and drinks with Flavorall Cherry Cherish liquid sweetener. Other than being gluten and calorie-free, non-alcoholic, Non-GMO, all-natural, and diabetic-friendly, you get the same health benefits as real cherries. With just a couple of drops in your drinks or desserts, you get the best of cherries and health. Pack Size: 50ml.
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  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Natural Sugar Substitutes
  • Vegetarian

Medical Ingredients

Non Medical Ingredients

Stevia extract (Stevia rebaudiana leaf, Steviol glycosides) Other Ingredients: Natural flavor, purified water, vitamin C.

Directions for Use

Use 3-4 drops to sweeten a regular cup of any hot or cold beverages. As a culinary additive, use as per the taste and recipe needs. (50ml).


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