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Greeniche Natural Health has been known for its pure and all natural based products for years now. With a full range of plant based supplements, vitamins, and health packs, this is a one stop shop for all of your health concerns.
Start your health journey with our vitamins and herbal supplement bundles that you can shop right now.

Besides a healthy diet, you do need vitamins and minerals to keep your body functions up and running. Whether it is to cure infections or to help your nervous system, our selection of vitamins and minerals includes energy boosters, multivitamins for kids, and a bunch of natural health vitamins that can help you figure it out.

At Greeniche we make sure that you get all your vitamins and minerals from organic sources. All of our herbal supplements are plant-based, cruelty-free, and address any health concerns that you might have. You can always visit our supplement store or shop on our website right away.

Flavorall is all natural, safe, and calorie and sugar free. A liquid sweetener made with high purity Stevia from the Stevia rebaudiana herb, Flavorall is made in 25 unique flavours making it a versatile option when it comes to health foods. By adding just a few drops, it adds sweetness to your favourite foods, hot or cold drinks, and baking or cooking recipes. Our Canadian made, high quality ingredients ensure that this Stevia based flavouring liquid tastes great, with no bitter flavour and is easy to use and add to recipes. Pack Size: 50ml.