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Greeniche Rewards

Greeniche Points-Based Rewards System is simple; every dollar you spend gets you points, which translates into dollar value that can be redeemed as fabulous rewards or simply used towards your future purchases.


  • Create your profile here
  • Earn points by making purchases. The points you earn will show automatically in your profile
  • Earn bonus points by availing special offers

Redeem points as discounts towards purchases, or redeem whenever you wish to obtain fabulous prizes

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Start Accumulating Points NOW

  • When you create your profile, your account is credited with 250 Welcome Bonus Points
  • Each dollar you spend on our website earns you 1 point, which translates into 5 cents. So if you spend $100.00, you earn 100 points, equal to $5.00. However, if you decide to accumulate points, you get a higher value at different level, details of which can be seen in our Redeem Points section
  • You get an option of redeeming points whenever you make a purchase, or simply let them accumulate for future redemption with greater value

Redeem Points

  • Simply redeem points when you order online. e.g. if you have 50 points and you make a purchase amounting to $25, you can redeem your 50 points to get a $2.50 discount
  • Alternatively, pick your prize from here corresponding to your points

Earn Bonus Points

  • 100 points when you sign up
  • Special offers carry bonus points. For now, you can earn 50 bonus points when you order VegeSlim, or VigorMan online
Sign up Vegeslim Vigorman

  • 450 Points          $25 Prepaid Visa Card
  • 800 Points          $50 Prepaid Visa Card
  • 1100 Points        $75 Prepaid Visa Card
  • 1400 Points        $100 Prepaid Visa Card
  • 2000 Points        $150 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 2500 Points        $200 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 3500 Points        $300 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 5000 Points        $500 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 7500 Points        iPhone 6+ / Samsung S7
  • 10,000 Points    Trip for family to Niagara Falls with 2 nights/3 days resort package and travel/meals/entertainment allowance (Value $1,500 dollars)