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Naturalene from Greeniche

How many times have you picked up the jar of petroleum jelly for everything from dehydrated, flakey skin, to diaper rash and thought: “there ought to be something better; something that is natural and also benefits my skin.”

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November 10 – 12, 2017 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Building)

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Greeniche Rewards

Greeniche Points-Based Rewards System is simple; every dollar you spend gets you points, which translates into dollar value that can be redeemed as fabulous rewards or simply used towards your future purchases.

  • Create your profile here
  • Earn points by making purchases. The points you earn will show automatically in your profile
  • Earn bonus points by availing special offers
    Redeem points as discounts towards purchases, or redeem whenever you wish to obtain fabulous prizes
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  • When you create your profile, your account is credited with 250 Welcome Bonus Points
  • Each dollar you spend on our website earns you 1 point, which translates into 5 cents. So if you spend $100.00, you earn 100 points, equal to $5.00. However, if you decide to accumulate points, you get a higher value at different level, details of which can be seen in our Redeem Points section
  • You get an option of redeeming points whenever you make a purchase, or simply let them accumulate for future redemption with greater value
Redeem Points
  • Simply redeem points when you order online. e.g. if you have 50 points and you make a purchase amounting to $25, you can redeem your 50 points to get a $2.50 discount
  • Alternatively, pick your prize from here corresponding to your points
Earn Bonus Points
  • Special offers carry bonus points. For now, you can earn 50 bonus points when you order VegeSlim, or VigorMan online
Prize for Redemption of Points

When you buy products online, you can instantly redeem your points as discount. Your points do not expire and your can accumulate them and use them in one go or periodically as you please

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