Greeniche Liver Health formula


  • Helps restore liver functions and relieve the symptoms;
  1. Non-alcoholic fatty liver
  2. Viral hepatitis
  3. Alcohol-induced fatty liver
  4. Drugs-induced hepatitis
  5. Cirrhosis
  6. Liver cancer
  7. Liver Failure
  • Reduces Fatigue and nausea, improves appetite
  • improves lipid and glycemic levels

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Hepatoprotectant/ liver protectant. Helps to support liver function, and help relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsia.

Contains 7 potent ingredients that work synergistically and address the core problem.

Silybum marianum: Also known as Milk thistle is an herb native to Europe, Asia Minor and Northern Africa that has been used widely to treat liver disease. Extracts of milk thistle seeds contain multiple flavonolignans, known collectively as silymarin, consisting largely of silybinin, silychristin and silydianin. In cell culture and animal models, silymarin has been shown to prevent or ameliorate acute liver injury due to many toxins including acetaminophen and Amanita phalloides.

Cnicus benedictus: Commonly known as blessed thistle, can stimulate the bile production, which assists with detoxification of the liver.

Curcuma longa: Commonly known as Turmeric, it improves bile flow and reduces cellular inflammation, and thus holds great value to those with liver issues.

Cynara cardunculus: Commonly known as Artichoke, have Hepatoprotective that seem to be linked to its antioxidant capacity and the Cynarin content, which is claimed to restore healthy growth and reproduction of liver cells. Artichoke is also reported to have a stimulant activity on bile production in the liver; termed choleretic action. Stimulating the flow of bile juices, Artichoke aids in breaking down hard to digest fats, thereby increasing digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

DL-alpha-Lipoic acid: Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) increases the production of glutha-thione which helps dissolve toxic substances in the liver by neutralizing free radicals produced in our bodies and protecting cells.

Raphanus sativus var. sativus: Widely known as Raddish contains caffeic acid and ferulic acid which exhibit hepatoprotective and choleretic properties. It contains choline which prevents deposition of fat in the liver. Amino acids, ornithine, citrulline, arginine, glutamic acid, and asparatic acid remove toxins from the body and urea accumulation.

Taraxacum officinale: The herb commonly known as Dandelion has been used for centuries to treat jaundice and the yellowing of the skin that comes with liver dysfunction, cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver disease. Modern naturopathic physicians use dandelion to detoxify the liver and reduce the side effects of prescription medications.

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