Flavorall Root Beer Relish

Flavorall Root Beer Relish


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Classic root beer is a must-have, but at the same time, you may feel the urge to keep it low-key with carbonated fizzy drinks. This is where Flavorall Root Beer Relish comes in. This root beer liquid sweetener is non-alcoholic and is a healthy alternative to plain sugar in your beverages. Perfect for adding as an additive to your vegan meals and more. The ingredients used in it are all-natural, diabetic friendly, vegan, halal, Non-GMO, and non-alcoholic, is easy to use and you can add it to your cooking recipes as well. Pack Size: 50ml.

  • Stevia extract (Stevia rebaudiana leaf, Steviol glycosides)
  • Other Ingredients: Natural flavor, purified water, vitamin C

Use 3-4 drops to sweeten a regular cup of any hot or cold beverages. As a culinary additive, use as per the taste and recipe needs. (50ml).

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