Curatea Digestion


  • 30 Teabags
  • CAD 1 per serving
  • Relieves inflammatory conditions
  • Relieves colic
  • Relieves flatulent dyspepsia

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A body cannot be healthy with a healthy digestive system. All the nutrients that your body gets and all the toxic material it excretes out is dependent on a properly working digestive system. Incidentally, lack of proper digestion is one of the most common complaints these days regardless of age and gender. CuraTea for digestion effectively relieves inflammatory conditions of the digestive system, flatulent dyspepsia, and colic (carminative). Also helps control diarrhea and vomiting, mild spasms/cramps of the gastrointestinal tract, and feeling of repletion/bloating.

Medicinal ingredients: Calendula officinalis 200 mg, Cinnamomum verum 300 mg, Foeniculum vulgare subsp. vulgarevar. dulce 500 mg, Thymus vulgaris 500 mg.

NPN: 80082152

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