Who Are We?

Greeniche Natural Health is trusted as a leading provider of natural health and wellness products around the world. Our product range includes a full range of vitamins, various plant-based supplements to support the management of common diseases, and health foods for smart lifestyle choices.

Our Mission

Our products conform to our philosophy of rediscovering ancient knowledge of the healing powers of natural ingredients through the lens of scientific research, and packaging synergistic combinations of the right ingredients for the modern-day consumer, pressed for time in today’s fast-paced world. Our products have earned a loyal clientele from all corners of the globe, which is why we are steadfast in our mission to expand Greeniche’s presence from our North American base to the UK, Middle East, East Asia, and Australia

Diversity in Diets

Greeniche products are certified halal, kosher and vegan to ensure that we meet the diverse dietary requirements of an increasingly multicultural Canada as well as our international consumer base. Besides cultural dietary requirements, most of our products are also Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Non-GMO

Our Approach

Manufactured in Canada

Our products are manufactured in Canada conforming to stringent regulations and high-quality standards. This enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible.

Understanding Diversity

The world is a global village with diverse dietary requirements like Halal, Kosher and Vegan. Many people also need to avoid gluten, soy, and dairy. Our products meet all such requirements

Continuously Expanding

With our ever increasing portfolio of products. You can rest assured we have the product for you, or are in the process of introducing it to the market.

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