Sex And Body Weight: What The Science Says?

Whatever the size, shape and weight of your body, you are entitled to a healthy, pleasurable sex life. Sex isn’t just for the young, slim and stereotypically beautiful – it’s for everyone and it’s time to start loving your body NOW! Touch it. Feel it. Admire it. And use it to move, dance, stretch, pose and take up space until you become so comfortable in your skin that you can’t help but love it.

You are beautiful.

Whether you’re skinny, fat, tall, short or somewhere in-between, deriving pleasure from your body can boost your body image and improve sexual performance. In some cases, however, loving your body may not be enough, as extra pounds have the potential to have an adverse effect on sexual functioning. This doesn’t mean that being overweight precludes you from having a hot sex life (one study found that heterosexual women who are overweight have more sex), but simply that you may want to consider the research on sex and body weight if you’re encountering challenges in the bedroom.

Read through this brief research roundup below and let us know if you have any tips to improve sexual functioning and feel better about your body:


Obesity predisposes you to cardiovascular conditions and lower levels of testosterone, which can put a damper on sex drive, energy levels and blood flow to the genitals. Researchers say the link between heart health and sexual functioning is so significant that erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a strong predictor or cardiac conditions.

study that focused on treating ED in obese men found that lifestyle changes that encourage weight loss (calorie reduction, increased exercise, nutritional counselling) can help to restore erectile functioning. Those in the intervention group who underwent healthy weight-focused lifestyle changes were six times more likely to overcome ED versus the control group.


Eating less has the potential to improve your sex life, heighten libido and increase energy levels. A recent study found that those who are careful about calorie consumption reap sexual and personal rewards. In this study, they compared two groups: one cut back on calories by 25% resulting in average weight loss of 10% and their results were compared to a control group. The former reported improved health, lower depression rates, improved sleep, enhanced sexual activity and happier relationships.


Exercise produces a whole host of sexual benefits that positively impact sexual performance, functioning and satisfaction. It’s not just about weight loss — it’s all about pleasure! People who work out regularly consistently have higher levels of desire, arousal, sexual response, orgasm and sexual satisfaction, so drop and give me 10 burpees right now!

Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym today, you can carve out a few minutes for onset of bodyweight exercises in your bedroom or living room. Who knows? You might even get lucky and have a coregasm – a spontaneous orgasm in response to working out!

Dr. Jessica Oreilly

A recognized Toronto-based expert on sexuality and relationships, Dr. Jess has a unique ability to normalize the subjects of sex with her gentle humor and friendly disposition. She holds a PhD degree in Human Sexuality. Dr. Jess has worked with over 2000 couples from all corners of the world to overcome sexual challenges. She’s also the author of three best-selling books and loves to travel.

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