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Pancakes and maple syrup are a breakfast classic. It’s my go to on lazy Saturday mornings with the family for the sweet fluffy texture that gets us all feeling nostalgia for our childhood. Too

There are powerful benefits to drinking an antioxidant-rich Moringa matcha tea on a daily basis! Here’s my special Moringa Matcha Green Tea Latte recipe, a powerful

By Samantha De La Riva, Holistic Nutritionist  Strawberry milkshakes have always been my favourite dessert. When picked fresh and blended just right, bananas and strawberries

By Samantha De La Riva, Holistic Nutritionist If there is anything in this world that I like more than chocolate, it’s got to be the warm and delectable flavour of fresh

By Samantha De La Riva, Holistic Nutritionist   No other month other than October gets me feeling so warm and hungry for the sweet flavours of dessert at Thanksgiving

By Samantha De La Riva, Holistic Nutritionist Our Canadian Fall is a magical season filled with a different type of climate every week. There can be a crispness and chill to

In 2017; Canada 150 – Greeniche Natural Health presented a unique South- Asian instrumental version of O’Canada, which became an instant hit. This year, the company aimed to

Get your greens in! That is something that I struggle with. Even more so since I started intermittent fasting. I do eat some greens throughout the day, but just not enough.

Here’s an easy and healthy treat that’s nutritionist-approved! You can make this chocolate bark in 15 minutes or less with these simple ingredients. Read

Kale, in recent years, has completely taken over the nutritional food and Superfood market. I mean, we see it presented in virtually every salad, smoothie, and juice cleanse so

Delicious and dynamic smoothie recipe made with Greeniche Certified Organic Moringa! These antioxidant-rich smoothie recipes will get you going, help you unwind and shake things

Naturalene from Greeniche

Naturalene is exactly what you have been waiting for! With Natural Bee’s Wax as the base, Naturalene is much more than Bee’s Wax.

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Greeniche Natural Health invites you to join Annu Gaidhu for complimentary yoga classes every Thursday and Sunday morning at the MindShare WorkSpace in Mississauga!

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