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7 Must Do’s for Skincare: How to Reboot Your Skin After Vacation!

Summer is on its full swing, most of us plan for some pleasant escape from everyday work routine.

With your tickets booked and vacation days allotted, you may be more than ready to ditch your daily routine for a fun filled vacation. The last thing you want to be thinking about while you’re on vacation is skin care.


Unfortunately, your vacation can be less than fun if your skin starts to break out or if you get sunburn.

Unpredictable climates, exotic foods, uneven sleeping patterns and exposure to the elements can all have a negative impact on your face. You can’t escape from these harsh conditions while traveling to exotic destination. Even if you did slather on sunscreen all through the vacation, it is important to take extra care of your skin, on your return.

Don’t take a Vacation from Skin Care!

Follow these 7 easy steps to getting your skin back on track


1- Have a Relaxing Bath!

You’ve undoubtedly applied layer upon layer of sunscreen. It’s time to clean your body to get rid of the build-up. Take shower and upon drying off, apply hydrating moisturizing cream to your entire body.



2- Exfoliate:

Use a gentle exfoliant on the face, to shed off the buildup of skin cells which are damaged, dry and pigmented.


3- Rehydrate:Water, Water, Water

For every soda or glass of wine that you are planning to indulge in, make sure to have THREE glasses of water. Be sure to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.


4- Mind your Food Intake

Dehydration is the most common problem for skin when traveling; think “water” when choosing your meals. Juicy fruits and veggies, soups, and fresh greens are always a good choice.


5- Keep Protecting

Continue to use sunscreen during the day, to prevent further damage.


6- Ice under the eyes

Now that you’ve come back, answered emails and planning to join the office, you may be officially stressed out on your return –thus experiencing under-eye circles.Apply an ice pack under your eyes. You can repeat this process before bed the first night to wake up looking more refreshed.

7- Moisturize With Gentle But Effective Product

The constant sweating can often result in below-the-neck rashes. The best way to fight off these rashes on the shoulders and back is to use an effective ultra hydrating moisturizing cream, like Naturalene

Have you suffered from skin problems on vacation? Please share any tips you may have in the comments section below.


Greeniche is committed to investing in the development of natural health products, sweeteners and supplements that fosters active and healthy living. We are defined by the health awareness we spread. Our research, methods and minds are working to fuel the natural health in Canada.

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Laura De Sanctis

Laura is Greeniche’s in-house nutritionist, a yoga and Pilates instructor, and is also an international health and wellness ambassador.

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