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How to create a Self-care kit

Self-care is a deliberate habit that needs practicing on a daily basis.

I’ll admit that I fall into the category where I would prioritize myself as last. But every time I have done the opposite and thought of myself before the needs of everyone and everything around me I am a more focused and a happy person, mother, and wife. Life gets uncomplicated.

Why counts as self-care?

Self-care has become a priority and a topic of discussion. Getting to know yourself and creating your self-care kit is the starting point for self-preservation.

Self-care kit is much more than just having pretty things in a basket. It goes beyond the happy things (You really need to know what that pretty stuff mean to you and why they make you feel good. Yes, there is undoubtedly some thinking involved.) It really comes down to knowing thyself and what works for you and what brings you back from the dark shades of anger, despair, and sadness.

How to take out time for self-care?

We know we need self-care but how do we do it? I decided to do some research to find some exciting ideas. People who know me, know that Pinterest is my go-to app, where almost all the pins suggested bubble bath, reading your favorite book and sipping some sort of rejuvenating tea. All these magical ideas are what I dream of every day. But, all fail to tell me how exactly do I end up sipping my fav beverage while soaking in my Jacuzzi (the last time I used it, was before my son was born) and have a clean house, laundry folded and dinner cooked all at the same time!

The most straightforward answer to this question is, block out time in your calendar. Discuss with your significant other and make necessary arrangements. Also don’t be afraid to ask for time if you really need it and it isn’t on your calendar.

Plan it for days that you don’t have any deadlines or responsibilities.

The most important part is to have realistic ‘me time’ goals and activities.

Here is a list of things I put in my Self-Care kit:

Pretty things make me feel good. So I keep my self-care stuff in a cute basket hidden away from my toddler.

1. Journal

This one of my favorites! I love how clean and inviting a sheet of paper can seem to be waiting for me to jot down my random, unedited, grammatically incorrect, free writing and doodling. It gives my left analytical brain some rest. Journaling is self-liberating.


2. Coloring book

Adult coloring has become a rage for the past couple of years. (I was initially hesitant about trying it out just because just because I had been trained as a painter and thought it would kill my creativity somehow-yes I was foolish) I started Adult coloring last year, and I am happy to report that It has been the most relaxing and peaceful time for me. I don’t think or worry how and what my lines interpret. I just color on.


3. A good book

I sometimes listen to audiobooks, but I always keep a couple of soul-stirring books in my box. Mind you; stay away from the how-to or self-help books. Try to keep a good mix. Mine depends on what I am reading at the moment, but I like keeping poetry, and books that awaken your soul by challenging your thinking.


4. A special Mug

Having a mug with a positive message printed is a self-reminder for killing all the negative within and around you. I have a couple of mugs which I only keep for my self-care-tea/coffee moments and keep rotating them.


5. Coffee & Tea

These beverages have a unique characteristic. Maybe its just the idea of relaxation that comes with it, but sipping my tea/coffee in my favorite chair with my soft pashmina wrapped around me can help me relax and soothe.


6. Essential oils, candle, & favorite lotion/cream

I love scented candles & essential oil diffusers. Their scents make the atmosphere relaxing, and the smell of essential oils helps relieve stress.

Smell is so important when it comes to self-care. Scents can have calming effects on you, help reduce stress and some even have uplifting capabilities that produce feelings of confidence and relieve mental exhaustion. I use my favorite hand cream/body butter to create the scent that I’m looking for.

I also keep updating my self-care kit according to the weather. I recently added these lip balms (all natural) which I love (It comes in 5 flavors, and I have added 4 to my basket)!


7. Music

There is no doubt about it that music is therapeutic. The right music for the right mood can calm you down. I use my iPod and keep updating my playlist.

Creating a playlist specifically for your ‘me-time’ can also get you in the relaxing mood from the getgo.


8. Healthy Snacks

When I’m stressed or when I am trying to relax, either way, I reach for food. It’s my comfort. So I want to make sure I am not putting anything in my basket which might bring regret later. I know if I start to indulge and eat junk food I’m going to feel even worse. Therefore, I choose a mix of nuts. They are great for munching, are healthy and gives you the ‘full’ feeling.

Create a space in your house that is just for you. Clarify your current mental health and take time out to care for yourself, you are giving your body and mind a rest and a moment to relax.

Do you have a self-care kit?



Greeniche is committed to investing in the development of natural health products, sweeteners and supplements that fosters active and healthy living. We are defined by the health awareness we spread. Our research, methods and minds are working to fuel the natural health in Canada.



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