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Encouraging Healthy Habits In Kids: Fun Tips And Tricks For Mothers

Unhealthy eating habits have greatly contributed to the childhood obesity epidemic in Canada. It has become extremely crucial to keep a track of your kid’s food choices. Decide what you want your kid to learn about eating, and make sure that that’s what you’re teaching.

There are no official guidelines or a manual available for teaching healthy habits to your kids. Probably, that is the reason for your constant struggle.

Research shows that the best way to teach kids is by role modeling the behavior you want your kids to learn. For instance, eating together as a family helps kids learn healthy meal choices. However, you can make this role modeling technique fun for both of you. Whether you’re trying to convince your kid to give greens a chance or attempting to persuade your teenager into drinking something other than soda, the task requires fun ways. For instance,

1. Try different foods to make mealtime fun
2. Set a timer to make eating time no longer than 30 minutes
3. Serve homemade meals as much as possible

Nutritional deficiencies in early age can result in poor learning, behavioral problems, laziness, and fatigue. It can also affect your kids’ sleep patterns, social development, and the ability to focus. The list is endless but boils down simply to their ability to function well.

This Slideshare deck will help you in figuring out 13 fun tips & tricks to make your kid learn healthy habits.

13 Healthy Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kid: Principles of Nutritious Eating from Greeniche.



Greeniche is committed to investing in the development of natural health products, sweeteners, and supplements that foster active and healthy living. We are defined by the health awareness we spread. Our research, methods, and minds are working to fuel the natural health in Canada.

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Laura De Sanctis

Laura is Greeniche’s in-house nutritionist. She is a yoga and Pilates instructor and is also an international health and wellness ambassador.

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