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9 Tips for Healthy Summer Sex: It’s That Time of the Year!

Summer is the season for sex with studies suggesting that your sex drive circles alongside the mercury. It could be that the longer days and sunny skies lead to a mood boost or it could be the fact that you spend more time relaxing, socializing and working out — all of which are good for your libido. Scientists have also suggested that the increase exposure to sunlight (be sure to wear sunscreen!) lowers melatonin production which in turn supports ovulation and sex drive.

Whatever the reason for your sexy summer mood, check out these tips to ensure that your summer sex is sizzling hot:

1- Play with ice


If you’re looking to reignite your sensual response, play with ice cubes, frozen grapes or chilled lube in the bedroom. The upper lip, chin, chest and fingers are most sensitive to cold temperatures, so take some time to discover new erogenous zones as you alternate between the chill of an ice cube and the warmth of your breath.

2- Take sex on the road


If you’ll be heading out of town to explore, be sure to pack the essentials for sex on-the-go. A heavy blanket, travel-size lube and an open-mind are must-haves for sex in tents, secluded forests, placid lakes and (if you’re discreet) trains. Challenge yourselves to avoid sex in the bedroom for two weeks to take advantage of the beautiful weather and stave off bedroom boredom.

3- Update your diet


Pay attention to your calorie consumption to feel more healthier and energetic for sex

Your desire for comfort food likely plummets during the summer months owing to evolutionary factors (you don’t need the fat to keep you warm), so trust your body’s natural cues. You don’t have to overhaul what you eat or avoid indulgences altogether, but pay attention to how much you consume. I have one client who opts to forego the last 20% of each meal at parties and restaurants and she reports feeling healthier, more energetic and more frequently in the mood for sex.

If you want to pay more attention to what you eat this summer, be sure to check out the list of tasty and naturally gluten-free aphrodisiacs.

4- Do it in the morning


Summer is the season of patio drinks and backyard BBQs which means that you probably get home later than usual. If you find that you’re too tired for sex by the end of the day, plan ahead and do it in the morning in lieu of your daily workout.

5- Go commando


Put yourself in a sexy state of mind simply by ditching the underwear for a day or two. Tease your lover to let them know you’re bare down there with a whisper in their ear when you’re out in public.

6- Have sex in the rain


If you haven’t felt the cool rain dropping on your hot bodies as you get frisky al fresco, this is the summer to try it out! Find a secluded location or a campsite beneath the stars and be sure to pack a few towels in a waterproof bag so that you can dry off and stay warm when you’re done.

7- Go for a hike with your lover


If you want to reignite the spark you experienced when you first met, engage in activities that get your adrenaline pumping. Challenging hikes, rock climbing and treetop trekking are just a few options that will remind your body of the rush of excitement you felt in the early stages of your relationship.

8- Have S-L-O-W sex


Break your routine and take a little extra time to explore your lover’s body the next time you’re in bed together. Avoid their hottest spots (e.g. genitals and chests) and tease them into a frenzy for at least twenty minutes before giving in to their wishes. We all move more slowly in the heat, so exaggerate this natural response to discover new ways to pleasure yourself and your partner.

9- Stay hydrated.


Along with the heat, alcohol consumption increases for some people during the summer months and even a single after-work pint can leave you dehydrated. Keep a water bottle on-hand whenever you’re out, as researchers believe that healthy hydration encourages positive sexual functioning including erections and lubrication.


Dr. Jessica Oreilly

A recognized Toronto-based expert on sexuality and relationships, Dr. Jess has a unique ability to normalize the subjects of sex with her gentle humor and friendly disposition. She holds a PhD degree in Human Sexuality. Dr. Jess has worked with over 2000 couples from all corners of the world to overcome sexual challenges. She’s also the author of three best-selling books and loves to travel.

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