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8 Tips to make Grocery Shopping Easy with Kids

Grocery shopping with kids can be quite a challenge. I love doing groceries on my own (yes, I’m that lady you see singing down the aisles on her own) or pre-ordering and just picking it up. However some days you have to go do groceries with the kids. After many years of parenting, and doing groceries with the children, sharing some tips to make the chore less of an ordeal.


1.  Park near the carts

I know conventional wisdom says park in the designated spots for families with children, however those are sometimes not available, and usually away from the shopping carts. Park near the shopping carts, that way you can get a cart right away and place your kids in them. Plus it will be easy to return the cart on the way back after unloading the shopping bags.


2.  Clean up

The shopping cart is used by many throughout the day. Make sure you give it a wipe with antibacterial wipes. I love carrying the Naturalene multi-purpose wipes on me.


3.  Take well-fed kids

Take kids who are well-fed so that they are happy and energetic. Just like it’s a good idea for grownups to go grocery shopping on a full stomach so that you don’t buy extra stuff, well-fed kids won’t ask for every second thing they spot.


4.  Make a list

Make a list of all your shopping needs so that you don’t waste time roaming the aisles. You can also hand the list to a child and ask them to tick off items if they are old enough. Younger children can be engaged by giving them a notebook and pencil and asking them to draw the pictures of things you need like milk, eggs, apples etc.


5.  Keep it fun

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Make it fun for the kids, by asking them to spot colors or count apples as you add them to the bag.


6.  Stick to the plan

Before you leave for grocery shopping, tell your kids exactly what you will do and then stick to the plan. Kids don’t like uncertainty just like grownups. So prepare them for what’s coming. Also exercise self-control by not going off-path and wandering in the clothing section. Stick to the plan and finish the task before the kids get exhausted.



7.  Talk about healthy eating

It’s never too early to teach healthy eating. You can use the grocery trip as an opportunity to talk about healthy habits. Set a good example by picking lots of fruits and vegetables for your family.


8.  Reward in the end

You can tie a reward to good behavior through out the grocery trip. This can be a treat you buy for the children at check out. It’s tough to skip those child-height candy displays anyways, so best to use it to your advantage.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and that they help you in your next grocery trip with kids!  Do let me know which ones work for you the best.

Tamania is Urdu Mom and blogs about her Pakistani-Canadian family on She shares resources to teach Urdu in engaging ways, make learning fun for children,  staying in touch with cultural roots along with parenting tips, recipes and travel advice etc.




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