GED Programs in Canada

What Does GED Stand For?

GED stands for General Education Diploma. A person who did not receive their adult high school diploma may take classes and tests to receive their General Education Diploma.

Where Do I Take My GED Programs?

You can drive to a classroom that offers the GED program or you can take GED programs right in the comfort of your own home. Work from your home computer at your convenience. You can study at home. You will be tested to see which courses you need to study more so you can pass the test to receive your GED.

What Types of GED Programs Are Offered?

Typical classes you must pass in high school to receive your high school diploma are offered. There may be a bigger variety of courses available you would not see in your high school. Some of the examples are languages. You may take German, Latin or Italian on a GED online program whereas your high school does not offer these classes. Another example is art classes. You may have different choices and more choices of creative classes. “It is a great opportunity for Canadian students to learn what they really want. Any class, any language, any course can be picked by student him/herself”, says Bruce Carter, an educational expert from PaperLeaf.

How Do I Know Which Classes to Sign-up For?

You can test out of classes. Once you take the test we can make an individual plan for you to study and work in the areas you need. Once you are confident you can pass the General Education Diploma test.

Con’s of Getting Your GED at a School Classroom

1. Expensive to drive to and from the school spending more money on gas.

2. A bigger chance for repairs that need to be made on your vehicle due to more driving time.

3. You have to be at the classroom at the designated scheduled time.

4. If you have children you will need to pay a babysitter or have someone scheduled to watch them such as a family member at your class time.

Pro’s of Getting Your GED Online

1. No running around in your vehicle and filling up your gas tank more often.

2. Lessen the likelihood of getting into a car accident or having upkeep on your car.

3. Work at your own pace and when it is the best time for you.

4. You can work around your children’s schedule and save money on a babysitter.


GED programs are wonderful so that you may get your GED and start looking for the job you want. The pros of getting your GED online outweigh the cons of having to drive all of the way to a school classroom. The important thing to remember is that you will get your confidence and knowledge built up. Both of these items will make you a happier and more fulfilled person.

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