Menopause Support Formula is an all-natural, herbal supplement that helps relieve symptoms associated with menopause.

Women know it’s one of those things we can’t avoid. Like cleaning out the attic. Or filing taxes. Or going to the dentist. Whether we like it or not, menopause will eventually arrive…  But you know what? It brings with it good news as well as that unpleasant stuff.


The unpleasant stuff

Menopause technically occurs 12 months after a woman’s last period. But more broadly speaking, menopause also includes the years leading up to it, typically between the ages 45 and 55, when many women experience changes in their monthly cycles, which are called the “menopausal transition” or “perimenopause”.

Throughout this whole cycle, hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, chills, and other not-so-fun symptoms often occur as part of “the change.” But there are ways to reduce the symptoms and make the process less stressful.


The pleasant stuff

At Greeniche, our wellness advisors suggest some proactive lifestyle changes to ease your transition:

  • Be active aerobically: Studies have shown that aerobic activity several times a week helps to alleviate several menopausal symptoms, including night sweats, irritability and mood swings. Jogging, swimming, cycling or a brisk walk every other day is the kind of physical activity that releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain, helping to boost moods.
  • Eat healthy foods: A varied diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and fiber-filled whole grains provides omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and other nutrients that may help to improve moods.
  • Let go of stress: Take time out for a quiet walk, some meditation or gentle yoga. Relax with a novel you love. Build some deep breathing exercises into your day. Setting aside time to chill out and unwind can not only affect hormone balance, but have a dramatic effect on your mood swings.
  • Get enough sleep: The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours. Most people don’t need more than eight. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, creating a relaxing nighttime routine that supports drifting off to sleep comfortably, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime can make a huge difference in how you feel the next day.
  • AND… Take the supplements your body needs to support hormonal changes…

That’s where Greeniche comes in!


Your life won’t pause when you take Menopause Support Formula

Greeniche Menopause Support Formula is an all-natural, herbal supplement containing maca, black cohosh, cactus (chaste tree berry), pomegranate, and red clover. These ingredients help to relieve symptoms associated with menopause and perimenopause, like hot flashes, mood changes, vaginal dryness and chills. They provide the comfort and energy needed to combat the pain and discomfort your body may experience.

Menopause Support Formula is:

  • Free of all preservatives, gluten, dairy and soy
    Halal, Kosher and Vegan
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Made in Canada
  • Non-GMO


A fresh outlook on life

At Greeniche, we understand that many of the changes that come with menopause, which includes perimenopause, aren’t avoidable. But how you experience this phase in your life and the years that follow is well under your control. Our goal is to nutritionally support you to find a new beginning, one that can be lived richly, fully, and in good overall health.

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