Curcumin has been in the spotlight for its amazing health and wellness benefits. Greeniche Curcumin Gold combines this natural antioxidant with the organic agent piperine, which is essential for Curcumin’s absorption.


Fall is here… And who doesn’t love Fall in Canada? With the leaves changing from bright green to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. And there’s a lively crispness in the air. Let’s enjoy in it while it lasts, because…


Winter is coming!

Winter in Canada can be challenging, especially for people who suffer from joint pain and stiffness, inflammatory arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The cold winter months are also a time of seasonal depression. For many Canadians who came to this country from places where beautiful weather was a constant, the harsh winters here can be especially hard to deal with.

At Greeniche, we have a deep understanding of the toll that winter can take. That’s one of the reasons we created a powerful, natural antioxidant, derived from Curcumin, that helps overcome some of the physical and mental issues associated with cold winter months.

Curcumin is the primary active compound in the spice Turmeric. In fact, Curcumin gives Turmeric its characteristic yellow color. Spices like Turmeric have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

The Caribbean “Spice of Life”

Native to southern Asia and some Pacific islands, Turmeric plants were introduced to the Caribbean by South Asians who moved there well over a century ago. Turmeric has a long history of medicinal, culinary, spiritual, and economic uses… and therefore has been considered by many to be the Caribbean’s “spice of life.”

The Caribbean influence in Canada and throughout the world has made Turmeric hugely popular – and not just in main meal dishes like curries and stews. Turmeric is considered by many to be the “it” ingredient for teas, sodas, lattes, smoothies, sports drinks… even alcoholic cocktails.

The main benefits of Turmeric are based on the powerful, natural antioxidant that lies within it – Curcumin.

Curcumin – that special ingredient

Curcumin has multiple health benefits, which appear to act primarily through its very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. For example:

  • Curcumin triggers your body’s natural free radical defenses, fighting chronic inflammation, which may help with pain from arthritis and other common health conditions.
  • Curcumin may lower the risk of brain and heart diseases.
  • Curcumin may prevent depression, with its ability to boost the brain’s neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine.

Greeniche Curcumin Gold – “The Gold Standard”

At Greeniche, we know that these benefits are best achieved when Curcumin is combined with the agent piperine, which is mandatory for its absorption. That’s why our Greeniche Curcumin Gold, a high-potency standardized extract from Turmeric, contains piperine. Research supports that combining piperine with Curcumin enhances absorption by up to 2,000%

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