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Pancakes and maple syrup are a breakfast classic. It’s my go to on lazy Saturday mornings with the family for the sweet fluffy texture that gets us all feeling nostalgia for our childhood. Too

In 2017; Canada 150 – Greeniche Natural Health presented a unique South- Asian instrumental version of O’Canada, which became an instant hit. This year, the company aimed to

Here’s an easy and healthy treat that’s nutritionist-approved! You can make this chocolate bark in 15 minutes or less with these simple ingredients. Read

Grown in subtropical areas, the Moringa Oleifera tree, better known as the “Miracle Tree” is considered to be amongst the most nutritious plants ever discovered. The fresh

Laura De Sanctis explains Arthritis, its signs, symptoms, type of foods to eat, supplements to take and how to avoid it. Have any questions? Send us an email to

Did you know that if a full-scale war ever broke out between humans and bacteria, we would all be outnumbered? The entire population of Earth – by the buggy little

We all are humans, we all have our flaws, and we all need help. Even the fitness personas you idolize need help at some point with their health and fitness. Know that rigorously

Self-care is a deliberate habit that needs practicing on a daily basis. I’ll admit that I fall into the category where I would prioritize myself as last. But every time I

The glorious summer days are melting into the golden warmth of autumn, a transition that happens every year, but how we dread that change. The pumpkin spice, everything plaid,

Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October and is a celebration to give thanks for the many bounties of God specially the fall harvest.  The holiday has evolved now as a

Without evening rituals, your mornings can be chaotic. Getting the kids ready for school, yourself ready for work or just for the day to run errands and to get everyone out of the

There’s something special about Fall. I have always felt too peaceful (ignoring the dreadful almost eight months of winters ready to set in). It’s not too cold but not too hot

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year, from family gatherings, decorating, organizing the dinner, to ensuring everyone has a present and you haven’t

Valentine’s Day immediately brings to mind visions of chocolates carefully packaged in heart-shaped containers. Shop shelves overflowing with chocolates, teddies, and beautiful

Remember the saying, “too much stress makes you sick?” It is no surprise to know there is a definite connection between our mental and physical health. For centuries

Summer is here! And that means longer days, summer vacations and road trips. Whether it’s heading out to picnics, day trips or drives across town, we spend a lot of time in the

Staying healthy during winter doesn’t mean wrapping up in blankets, eating chicken soup and avoiding going out. Odds are once you notice that you’re feeling run down, it’s

It’s no secret that I’m a strong advocate for eating real food; choosing what you put in your mouth can have a huge effect on the environment, your community, AND your mood.

Blurb: We all know little encouragement and competition can take us a long way. So pair up with your friend or colleague and challenge yourself for a healthy life. Are you

It is no surprise that yoga is now becoming popular in the west. Traditionally, an eastern practice of India dating back over 5000 years, yoga is considered to be one of the

Have you ever felt like maybe life is moving too quickly? That there’s too much happening and you feel overwhelmed and anxious? That maybe all the balls in the air are only mere

Naturalene from Greeniche

Naturalene is exactly what you have been waiting for! With Natural Bee’s Wax as the base, Naturalene is much more than Bee’s Wax.

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Greeniche Natural Health invites you to join Annu Gaidhu for complimentary yoga classes every Thursday and Sunday morning at the MindShare WorkSpace in Mississauga!

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