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Canada 150 Event

On the occasion of Canada 150, Greeniche Natural Health, a Natural Products company based in Ontario showed it’s a commitment to developing the social and economic fabric of Canada. With the slogan of “Passion for Life”, Greeniche held an event to launch a rendition of ‘O Canada’ in traditional South Asian musical instruments, including the dhol, tabla and flute. The composer of this version of ‘O Canada’, Mr Farrukh Abid is a senior composer originally from Pakistan, has brought this vision to life.

Present at the occasion were distinguished guests including MP Ramesh Sangha; MPP Harinder Malhi; Mississauga city councillor John Kovac; Caledon city councillor Johanna Downey; Andrea Gorog, Chief of Political and Economic Affairs, US Consulate Toronto and Mike Douglas, CEO Mississauga Arts Council.



The musicians, video editors and other staff of Greeniche Natural Health were presented plaques for their services to the company by the dignitaries present at the event. Mr Irfan Sattar, CEO of Greeniche Natural Health thanked all the distinguished guests for attending the event.

Greeniche is a Canadian Company manufacturing Natural, Kosher, Halal Certified Vitamins, Supplements, Stevia, Oral Care and Skin Care products for Women, Men and Children. All products are manufactured in Canada and meet all certification requirements for Natural products in Canada. The vitamins on offer from Greeniche are Iron from Vege source, Calcium and Vitamin D, Vitamin Formulations for Kids, Women and Men, Vitamin B12, Omega 3,
Coenzyme Q10, Prenatal Vitamins for Women, and Natural Sexual Health Remedies for Men.

Greeniche Stevia, which is a 100% natural substitute for sugar is available in sachets, tablets and liquid form. Naturalene products which provide skincare solutions for the whole family and Flavorall which are a line of Natural Sugar Alternative products for all sweetening needs are the other products offered by Greeniche.

Naturalene from Greeniche

Naturalene is exactly what you have been waiting for! With Natural Bee’s Wax as the base, Naturalene is much more than Bee’s Wax.

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