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Are you struggling with your fitness goals? Then, challenge yourself to a healthy weight loss journey with Greeniche’s 60 Day VegeSlim Challenge. It is your opportunity to get rid of stubborn body fat. Set realistic benchmarks and achievable goals this time.

What is 60 Day Challenge?

No supplement alone can help you achieve your weight management goals. Greeniche is offering a FREE VegeSlim sample to get you back on healthy weight loss journey. This 60 Day Challenge is designed to help you in losing extra pounds in a healthy and effective way.

Accept The Challenge Partner Up!

You and your fellow VegeSlimmers will be on a 60-day mission to meet your healthy weight loss goals. Here’s how?

  • Buddy Up 3 of your Friends OR Partner Up!
  • Be the top participant with the highest overall percentage of weight loss and get rewarded with a surprise gift hamper.
  • Earn 10% OFF on your next purchase.
  • Get a FREE Diet Plan for 8 Weeks.
  • Follow a FREE Exercise Plan for 8 Weeks.
  • Get Free Personalized Advice from Experts.

What to Expect from This Challenge?

  • Healthy Eating Patterns: Unable to get over unhealthy eating habits? This is a motivation for you.
  • Active Lifestyle: Are you usually tired? We challenge you to a healthy lifestyle
  • Toned Body: Stop checking yourself before leaving for party. We help you regain your self-confidence
  • Improved Metabolism: Eating less and gaining weight? Improve your metabolism after this challenge
  • Effective Weight Loss: Get back your strength and try harder this time to achieve your long set fitness goals